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Lesson 1: Sales Prices

Sales Prices

Typically, if pricing requirements are minimal, companies store price information on item cards, where they are limited to one price for each item. If a company requires more sophisticated pricing features, it must record its special price agreements on the Sales Prices page. Companies use this page to set prices based on many conditions including the item and one of the following mandatory options:

  • Customer
  • Customer Price Group
  • All Customers
  • Campaign (marketing campaign)

The conditions can also include the following additional options:

  • Item variant
  • Unit of measure
  • Minimum quantity purchased
  • Order date
  • Currency paid

During order entry, the program will use the information that is defined on the Sales Prices page to automatically copy the best price to the sales line (provided the sales line qualifies for that price). Additionally, the sales interface indicates that alternative prices exist for the sales line. This helps the order processors to quickly and easily check the conditions under which these other prices apply. After the order processor has this information, he or she can work with the customer to achieve the best price.             

On this page, you can specify the conditions that must be met before a customer is offered a sales price for an item. For example, the conditions can require that the customer belongs to a particular customer price group and that the purchase is made in a certain period. This pricing must always be item specific (the criteria must always include an item number).

The SalesPrices page can also be used to define whether the sales prices can be combined with line and invoice discounts (controlling the combination of sales prices and discounts is described in more detail in the “Allow/Disallow Discounts” topic of the “Invoice Discounts” lesson). Because the SalesPrices page is accessed through the customer card in this example, the SalesType field is set to Customer and the SalesCode field is set to the customer number on the customer card. These default settings can be edited. The SalesType options include the following:

  • Customer
  • Customer Price Group
  • All Customers
  • Campaign
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