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Lesson 1: Sales Order Promising Key Concepts

Sales Order Promising Key Concepts

Sales Order Promising Key Concepts : Sales order promising is based on two key concepts:

Available To Promise

Available to Promise functionality calculates dates based on the inventory availability system. ATP performs an availability check of the unreserved quantities in inventory or in planned production, purchases, assembly orders, transfers, and sales returns. If items are available (either in inventory or on planned receipts), the program automatically calculates the delivery date of the customer’s order.

Capable To Promise

Capable to Promise is used if an item is not in inventory and if no supply orders are scheduled. By using a “what if” approach, CTP calculates the earliest date the item can be available if it is produced, purchased, assembled, or transferred from another location.

Based on this estimated availability date for the item, the program will do the following:

  • Calculate the delivery date to the customer
  • Create planning line(s) for the item
  • Reserve the inventory

The CTP function includes capacity constraint issues in its calculations, and can be integrated with production scheduling, manufacturing, transfer, purchase, and assembly planning. The level of CTP used depends on the model selected in the capacity scheduling engine.

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