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Lesson 3: Sales Line Discounts

Sales Line Discounts

Sales Line Discounts : In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, companies can offer three types of discounts to customers:

  • Item-related
  • Invoice
  • Payment

Item-Related Discounts 

Item-related discounts are known as sales line discounts. As with sales prices, sales line discounts can be granted to customers based on predefined conditions, such as minimum quantity of a purchase, unit of measure, currency paid, and so on. Companies can offer sales line discounts to individual customers, groups of customers, or all customers. Additionally, sales line discounts can apply to both individual items and groups of items.

Invoice Discounts 

Invoice discounts are granted based on the total invoice amount independent of the item(s) being sold. Sales line discounts and invoice discounts can be combined.

Payment Discounts 

Payment discounts are only granted to a customer if the customer pays the total invoice amount in a specified time period. For more information about payment discounts, refer to the Finance Essentials in Microsoft Dynamics NAV course.

General Discount Setup

Before a company uses the sales line discount and invoice discount functionality, it must decide how it wants discounts posted to the general ledger. It must also decide whether invoice discounts calculate automatically when the sales document is created, or if users must manually apply the calculating function.

These decisions are implemented in the Sales & Receivables Setup page. You can find this page by typing “sales & receivables setup” in the Search box and then selecting the related link.

If any option other than No Discounts is selected (meaning at least one type of discount will be posted), you must make sure that a dedicated account(s) is created in the chart of accounts (for example, a “Sales Invoice Discount” account).  You must also make sure that the appropriate discount options are set up in the General Posting Setup page.

When you post sales documents, the program uses the general business posting group of the customer and the general product posting group of the item to retrieve the account that is set up in the General Posting Setup page.

If discounts are not set up to post separately, they become part of the sales amount that is posted to the Sales account.


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