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Lesson 3: Sales and Purchase Budgets

Sales and Purchase Budgets

Sales and Purchase Budgets : Companies use sales and purchase budget functionality for planning, forecasting, and tracking against performance. In this example, a sales budget is created for items by quantity by month. Quantities entered in the month columns are totaled in the Budgeted Quantity field.

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, budgets can be created at multiple levels (item, customer, customer group, and vendor), and for multiple time periods (day, week, month, quarter, year, accounting period). Time period entries are stored at the day level, but can be rolled up to higher levels.

Sales budgets can be specified in quantities, sales amounts, and COGS amounts, whereas purchase budgets can be specified in quantities and cost amounts.

Except for some differences in the headings, the functionality in sales and purchase budgets is otherwise identical.

You can easily change budget layouts by using the fields in the General FastTab (available on both the Sales Budget Overview and Purchase Budget Overview pages). You can filter budget data in the Filters FastTab. You can also import data from or export data to Microsoft Excel. You can also include it in analysis reports to track budgeted figures against actuals and to calculate differences. Finally, budgets are user-defined and independent of one another. Therefore, users can work on individual budgets for the same levels, time periods, and value types.

This lesson focuses on three potential tasks in the budgeting process:

  • Create a budget
  • Export the budget to Microsoft Excel
  • Use the budget in an analysis report

Notice how entries in the month columns are totaled in the Budgeted Cost Amount field. When the Show Value As field (in the General FastTab) is set to Quantity, the values are instead totaled in the Budgeted Quantity field (in a sales budget, sales amounts are totaled in the Budgeted Sales Amount field, quantities in the Budgeted Quantity field, and COGS amount totals are not shown).

The values entered and viewed in the Purch. Budget Overview Matrix FastTab are stored in the Item Budget Entries table. To work directly with these entries, drill down into one of the column values. This opens the Item Budget Entries page. Working in this page, you can add a description for each budget entry and assign dimensions and other information as needed. For more information about the fields in the Item Budget Entries page, refer to the online Help.



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