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Lesson 1: Returns Management Setup

Returns Management Setup

Returns Management Setup : The setup of returns management consists of two elements:

  • General setup: Several fields on the Sales & Receivables Setup and Purchases & Payables Setup pages define the setup of Sales Return Order Management and Purchase Return Order Management.
  • Return Reasons setup: A company can set up codes that specify the reasons to return items. These apply to both customer and vendor returns. You can select a return reason code when you register a return agreement in most sales and, or purchase documents.

Procedure: Review the Sales Return Order Setup

To view the general setup of Sales Return Order Management, enter “sales & receivables setup” in the Search box, and then select the related link.

The following table provides the description of the four fields on the General FastTab that define the sales return management setup.

Field Description
Return Receipt on Credit Memo 


Specifies that a posted return receipt is automatically created when a sales credit memo posts.


Copy Cmts Ret. Ord. to Cr.



Indicates whether to copy comments from sales return orders to sales credit memos. If this check box is selected, then comments entered on a sales return are copied to the posted sales credit memo that is created from the return order.


Copy Cmts Ret. Ord. to Ret. Rcpt


Specifies whether to copy comments from sales credit memos to posted return receipts.


Field Description
Exact Cost Reversing Mandatory


Defines whether a company wants to apply an exact cost reversing policy to sales returns. This means that when items are returned to inventory from a sales return, the program values the items at the same cost as the original sale. If an additional cost is later added to the original sale, the program updates the value of the sales return. Selecting this check box also means that the program will not allow a return transaction to post unless the Appl.-from Item Entry field on the corresponding order line contains an entry.


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