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Lesson 2: Requisition Worksheet

Requisition Worksheet

The purchasing agent uses the requisition worksheet to calculate a plan that determines which items to order, the quantities and when to order an item(s). This worksheet includes two main batch jobs. The Calculate Plan – Req. Wksh. batch job calculates the purchase plan and creates the requisition (order proposal) lines.  The Carry Out Action Msg. – Req. batch job creates orders based on the requisition lines.

Calculate Plan Batch Job

The Calculate Plan – Req. Wksh. batch job calculates a requisition plan for items and stockkeeping units set up for replenishment by a purchase or transfer order. The batch job performs the following functions:

  • Investigates the demand and supply situation of the item and calculates the projected available balance. The balance is defined as: Inventory + Scheduled Receipts + Planned Receipts – Gross Requirement.
  • Determines the net requirements for the item.
  • Creates an item replenishment plan to fulfill its net requirements. The plan is presented in the requisition worksheet as requisition lines accompanied by action messages that suggest specific user actions.

Examples of these calculations and, or functions are demonstrated in this lesson.

The requisition lines created by the Calculate Plan – Req. Wksh. batch job include the details that are required to either create a new supply order (item number, vendor number, proposed quantity and due date, and so on), or to change or cancel an existing supply order (order number, line number, proposed changes to order quantity and due date, and so on).

The action message options include the following:

Option Description
New Create a new order.
Change Qty. Change the quantity on an existing order.
Reschedule Reschedule an existing order.
Option Description
Resched. & Chg. Reschedule an existing order and change its quantity.
Cancel Cancel an existing order.

The requisition lines are based on the planning parameters and the supply and demand data that is available when the Calculate Plan – Req. Wksh. batch job is run. These are proposals that the purchasing agent can review and adjust according to personal knowledge, experience, or immediate needs

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