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Lesson 1: Requisition Management Setup

Requisition Management Setup

Requisition Management Setup : To successful use the Requisition Management functionality, it requires setup in the following areas:

  • Requisition worksheet template
  • Planning parameter fields on item and stockkeeping unit cards

Requisition Management Templates

To set up a requisition worksheet, you must create a worksheet template. To review the existing worksheet templates, enter “req. worksheet templates” in the Search box, and then select the related link.

Two worksheet templates are already set up in CRONUS International Ltd.,— PLANNING and REQ.

The PLANNING template is used in CRONUS for planning worksheets.

The REQ template is used for nonrecurring requisition worksheets. This is the worksheet that you will use in this training material. Each worksheet template can be associated with one or more requisition worksheet names. These names are used to distinguish individual worksheets (you can only use one worksheet for each name and for each template). This is useful if you work in a large purchasing department and each purchasing agent requires his or her own worksheet, or if you want to use separate worksheets for different purposes, such as managing a specific set of items.

To view the existing worksheet names for the REQ worksheet template, click the REQ line in the Req. Worksheet Templates page, then, on the Navigate tab, click Requisition Worksheet Names.

At first, CRONUS is set up with only the DEFAULT worksheet name for the REQ worksheet template. This is the worksheet name that you will use in this training material.      

Procedure: Review Planning Parameters

Planning parameters refer to a group of fields on the Replenishment and Planning FastTabs of the item and stockkeeping unit cards. These fields control how the planning engine processes an item.

Planning parameters are set up to reflect the company’s optimal inventory levels about market preparedness, warehouse efficiency, and costs. The planner will consider various factors when he or she sets these parameters, such as the following:

  • Item usage patterns
  • Replenishment lead time
  • Price discounts for quantity
  • Delivery schedules

The planner must also consider the company’s internal policies on inventory management and control.

From a technical perspective, the planning parameters control the calculations in the Calculate Plan – Req. Wksh. batch job. This batch jobs generates the requisition lines and the action messages in the requisition worksheet.

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