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Lesson 3: Purchase Prices and Discounts

Purchase Prices and Discounts

Purchase Prices and Discounts : Companies can specify cost information for each item on the item card. When an item is selected on a purchase order line, the program automatically retrieves the last direct cost stored on the item card and copies it to the purchase order line.

When a vendor offers an item at a reduced cost or at a discount from the standard price, especially if the discount or reduced price depends on other criteria, such as the order date or a minimum order quantity, the one-cost-peritem-card model cannot accommodate these added requirements.

The purchases prices and line discounts offer a pricing functionality beyond the standard item card. Discounts can also be applied at the invoice level based on the total invoice amount.

This functionality is described in detail in the next two lessons—Purchase Prices and Invoice and Line Discounts.

Purchase Prices

Purchase prices are alternative prices for an item based on a combination of item number, vendor, and, optionally, one or more of the following criteria:

  • Item variant
  • Unit of measure
  • Minimum quantity purchased
  • Order date
  • Currency paid

Alternative prices can be set up to support purchasing agents in their goal of always buying at the best price. The best price is the lowest price with the highest line discount available on the order date.

When a purchasing agent creates a purchase order, the program will do the following:

  • Checks whether alternative purchase prices are set up for the vendor
  • Determines which alternative prices apply based on whether their conditions are satisfied by the purchase header and line details
  • Selects the best price from among the applicable alternative prices

If an alternative purchase price is selected, the program copies the purchase price to the purchase line. Refer to the “Best Price” topic in the online Help for more information about how the program automatically selects the best price from among multiple prices.

If no alternative purchase prices are recorded in the program, or the conditions for applying at least one alternative price are not satisfied, the last direct cost from the item card is copied to the purchase line instead.

To make sure that opportunities to obtain a better price are not missed, the purchasing interface also makes purchasing agents aware that alternative prices exist, even if the conditions to apply them cannot currently be satisfied. With one click, purchasing agents can then explore these alternative prices to see how the purchase order and, or line might be changed to qualify for the best possible price.

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