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Lesson 4: Posting Orders

Posting Orders

When you post an order, you must copy the financial value of a transaction to dedicated accounts in the general ledger. Additionally, you must copy the quantity and financial information about the transaction to the subsidiary ledgers. This includes customer and item entry ledgers (with associated value entries) that calculate various sales and inventory statistics.

Because all sales transactions that sell items to a customer include quantity and value (price and cost) information, the posting function is divided into two parts— shipment (quantity change) and invoice (value change). When you post an invoice, the two parts occur at the same time, without an option to separate them. However, you can post a shipment first, and then post the invoice later. This gives companies the flexibility to accommodate their business processes, and also provides the following additional functionality:

  • Undo a quantity record for a posted-but-not-yet-invoiced shipment
  • Combine several shipments in one invoice

If you must post several sales documents, you can post them one time by using the Batch Post Sales Orders batch job. By using this batch job, you can post them as shipped and, or invoiced.


The Qty. to Ship and the Qty. to Invoice fields on a sales order represent the posting quantities. The values in these fields are automatically populated when the Quantity field is changed on a sales line, unless the location that is specified for the sale requires the posting of shipments from the warehouse.

If it is necessary, the order processor can reduce the quantities in the Qty. to Ship and Qty. to Invoice fields before posting, and then partially ship and invoice the order. To post a partial shipment (invoicing), the Shipping Advice field on the order must contain Partial.

An order can have as many shipments and invoices as is necessary. I partial order posting, the Quantity Shipped and Quantity Invoiced fields indicate the completed part of the order.

You can post a shipment even if inventory is not available in the warehouse. However, this results in negative inventory. Typically, an order processor will do this only when he or she is confident that the inventory will be available in time for shipment. However, if the inventory is not available in time for the shipment, the shipment posting can be undone, if it is not invoiced. If it is invoiced, the order processor must create a sales credit memo to correct the situation.


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