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Lesson 2: Manage Sales Transactions

Manage Sales Transactions

Manage Sales Transactions : This lesson describes how to perform common sales transaction tasks. These tasks include the following:

  • Create a sales quote for a customer
  • Register a blanket sales order with a customer
  • Convert the sales quote or blanket sales order into a sales order
  • Create a sales order directly

In some environments, items sold to a customer are delivered directly from the vendor and they bypass the company’s inventory. To manage this, the program offers drop-shipment functionality. Additionally, you can create special orders that link purchases to sales. For more information about special orders, refer to “Customer Service Features” this training material. For more information about drop shipments, how to reserve goods for a sales order line, and how to post sales orders, refer to some of the other lessons in this module.

Sales Quotes

Contacts, potential customers, or existing customers can request a sales quote before agreeing to a sales order. This can be caused by the nature of the product, because they have not traded with the company before, or because they want to negotiate a better price.

A sales quote can be used as a preliminary draft of an order that specifies item descriptions, the price, and other terms of the sale. The sales quote document in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a flexible tool. It does not require existing customer information and it can be converted into a sales order or archived for future transactions.

Blanket Sales Orders

A blanket sales order represents a framework for a sales agreement between the company and a customer. Typically, it involves one item with multiple shipments at predetermined quantities, price(s), and delivery dates.

The order processor creates a blanket sales order when the customer commits to purchase one item in a large quantity that will be delivered in several shipments over time. Each shipment can be set up as an order line. This can then be converted to a sales order at the time of shipping.

Quantities on a blanket sales order do not affect item availability, but can be used as part of the forecasting and planning process.

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