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Lesson 2: Manage Purchase Transactions

Manage Purchase Transactions

Manage Purchase Transactions : This lesson describes the main workflow tasks that are involved in purchase transactions. These tasks include the following.

  • Register a purchase quote or blanket agreement with a vendor.
  • Convert the quote or blanket agreement into a purchase order.
  • Receive and invoice the purchase order.

Purchase Quotes

A purchase quote is a “draft order” in which the purchasing agent can register the vendor’s offer that specifies the price, terms of the sale, and the description of the items. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training.

If the quote matches the purchasing agent’s requirements, he or she can convert it into an order. Similarly, when stocked items need replenishment, inventory managers can send a request to the Purchasing Department. Then, a quote is created for internal purposes, and after the quote is approved it is converted to a purchase order.

Blanket Purchase Orders

A blanket purchase order represents a purchase agreement between the company and a vendor. It typically involves one item with multiple shipments at predetermined quantities, price(s), and delivery dates. On the blanket order, you can set up each anticipated receipt as an order line that you can convert into a purchase order at the time of ordering.

An example of a blanket purchase order is when you have a standing order with a vendor to purchase 100 units of an item every month for a year.

The purchase order includes the line from the blanket order that had a quantity in the Qty. to Receive field. The lines where you deleted the quantity in the Qty. to Receive field do not appear. The purchase order line quantity must not exceed the quantity of the associated blanket order line. Otherwise, you cannot post the purchase order.

The blanket order number and the line number are recorded as properties of the purchase lines when they are created from a blanket order. To view the link to the blanket order, on the Lines FastTab, review the values in the Blanket Order No. and the Blanket Order Line No. fields.

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