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Lesson 2: Maintain Sales Prices

Maintain Sales Prices

Adjusting item prices is a task that sales personnel perform periodically because of changing market conditions, new agreements with customers, or new sales initiatives. The program provides two tools to help sales personnel prepare and adjust sales prices. Which one they use depends on whether they use item cards or the Sales Prices page to maintain their prices.

The sales price worksheet is used to specify changes to the sales prices that are recorded in the Sales Prices page. The Adjust Item Costs/Prices batch job is used to update cost-related and pricerelated fields on the Invoicing FastTab of item cards.

Sales Price Worksheet

The main function of the sales price worksheet is to enable sales personnel to work with sales prices similar to how they work with a Microsoft® Office Excel® spreadsheet. By providing an overview of the existing price structure (either based on item prices or sales prices), the worksheet is a convenient space where sales personnel can simulate, rearrange, and update price information efficiently and consistently.

Sales prices entered in the worksheet are only suggested prices that do not take effect until they are implemented by running the Implement Price Change batch job. Worksheet suggestions for changing the existing sales prices can be created manually or automatically.

To fill in the worksheet automatically, run one of the following batch jobs:

  • Suggest Sales Price on Wksh. This batch job suggests changes to the Sales Prices page by applying an adjustment factor to existing sales prices, or by copying existing sales price agreements to other customers, customer price groups, or sales campaigns.
  • Suggest Item Price on Wksh. This batch job suggests changes to the Sales Prices page by applying an adjustment factor to existing unit prices on item cards, or by suggesting prices for new combinations of currency, units of measure, and so on. The unit prices on the item cards are not changed by this batch job.

Both batch jobs end by displaying the newly calculated unit prices in the sales price worksheet. You can then change unsatisfactory unit prices or delete unnecessary lines before you implement the prices, or select to delete them all without implementing them.

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