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Lesson 1: Item Substitutions

Item Substitutions

Item Substitutions : Companies frequently offer similar products as substitutes for one another, for the following reasons:

  • A company can offer many different styles, brands, and prices of goods. By doing this, customers can select the items that best suit their needs and budgets.
  • By having customers be able to purchase inventory items of comparable quality, function, and price, companies can still meet customers’ needs if stock shortages occur in MIcrosoft Dynamics NAV

Companies can use the item substitution feature to link items with the same or similar properties to one another. The substitution can be either one-way (from item x to item y, but not from item y to item x), or two-way. If the substitution is two-way, the items are considered interchangeable. If one item is interchangeable with another, the program automatically creates a “reverse substitution” entry for the other item during the setup of the substitution information.

After substitution information is set up for an item, every time that item is entered on a sales line, the number of available substitutes displays in the Substitutions field in the Sales Line Details FactBox. Additionally, when the quantity of the item that is requested on the sales line exceeds the quantity that is available from inventory, the Substitutes Exist field displays Yes in the stockout message.

If you select a substitute, then the program updates the relevant fields on the sales line.

The fields on the Item Substitution Entry page specify information about the substitute item(s).

An item can be substituted with either another item on the company’s inventory list or with a nonstock item. The Substitute Type field is used to specify the type of item to use as a substitute. The options are Item and Nonstock Item. The Substitute No. field is then used to select the substitute item from among the selected substitute type.

The interchangeability of the substitute item is defined by the Interchangeable check box. Selecting this check box means that the item and the substitute are interchangeable and they can be substituted for one another when it is necessary.

To enter comments about the conditions that are required to make substitutions for an item, click Condition on the Home tab. If a condition is entered, the Condition field on the Item Substitution Entry page will display Yes.

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