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Lesson 3: Item Reservation

Item Reservation

Item Reservation : In some sales situations, especially where the supply of a sales item is constrained, you might have to allocate the existing or future inventory to a specific sales order line. You can use this allocation to prevent the inventory from being used for other purposes, and to make sure that the order can be shipped on the planned shipment date. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, this allocation is performed through item reservations.

The option to reserve an item depends primarily on the settings of the Reserve field on the item card. The options for this field include the following:

  • Never: You cannot reserve the item.
  • Optional: The program does not reserve the item automatically. However, you can reserve it manually.
  • Always: The program always reserves the item.

The same options exist for the customer card.

The setting on the item card is copied to each sales line for that item except in one case—where the item card specifies a reserve option of Optional and the customer card for the customer specifies a reserve option of Always, the reserve option for the sales line will convert to Always.

When you manually reserve an item, you gain full ownership and responsibility for the reserved inventory.

Demonstration:  Reserve Items

This is a continuation of the “Create and Convert a Sales Quote” demonstration.

Scenario: The representative for customer 10000 calls Susan, the order processor, and asks to have 75 boxes of item 80100 added to his or her current order.

The representative stresses the importance of receiving the order on February 08, 2014. Because there is a risk of running out of stock, Susan reserves the 75 boxes of item 80100 for this order.

Demonstration Steps

To reserve items on a sales order, follow these steps.

  1. In the Search box, enter “sales orders”, and then select the related link.
  2. Locate and open the order for customer 10000 that was created in the “Create and Convert a Sales Quote” demonstration.
  3. On the Lines FastTab, click the third line. In the field, enter “80100”.
  4. In the Location Code field, select GREEN (the location where the item is stocked).
  5. In the Quantity field, type “75”.
  6. In the Unit of Measure field, select BOX.
  7. Set the Shipment Date field to February 08, 2014.

The Sales Line Details FactBox shows the availability for the item on the selected line. This is the availability for the selected location and the shipment date (in this case, for the GREEN warehouse on February 08, 2014). As soon as you enter a quantity for the item on the selected sales order line, the availability is reduced by that quantity.

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