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Lesson 1: Item Charges Setup

Item Charges Setup

Item charges setup is part of the general Finance setup. Companies can set up different item charge numbers to distinguish types of charges and improve cost and sales statistics.

CRONUS International Ltd. has set up several different item charges that are typical for their business operations.  To open the Item Charges page, enter “item charges” in the Search box, and then select the related link.

Like an item, an item charge must have a general product posting group and a VAT product posting group. This combination of posting groups determines the general ledger account to which the item charge is posted. As soon as you set up an item charge, you can select it on a purchase or sales document line. There are no limits as to what you can include in the category of item charges, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Trade

Accurate cost information is an important prerequisite to efficient and competent decision-making in any company. At a minimum, companies record and analyze costs derived from purchase and sales invoices. However, companies must frequently account for additional purchase and sales costs, such as the following:

  • Freight
  • Insurance
  • Customs duties
  • Brokerage fees

When related to inventory purchases, these added expenditures are inventoriable costs and should be included in inventory valuations and the cost of goods sold. Additional sales costs are non-inventoriable, but can be recorded as expenses against sales to improve the accuracy of profit calculations.

Microsoft Dynamics® NAV addresses both inventoriable and non-inventoriable added costs through its Item Charges functionality. You can use this functionality to post item charges even after you post all related purchase or sales documents.

Item charges are strictly financial and do not affect inventory quantities. This also makes them ideal for the following:

  • Purchase and sales allowances (such as restocking fees or credit memos on returns)
  • Shipping fees paid by customers
  • Certain types of adjustments to inventory valuations


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