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Lesson 4: Invoice Discounts

Invoice Discounts

Sales personnel can also offer customers invoice discounts. Invoice discounts are granted if the invoice is larger than a minimum amount, and they are based on the whole invoice amount.

The automatic calculation of invoicediscounts is optional and is controlled by the

Calc. Inv. Discount and Calc. Inv. Disc. per VAT ID check boxes in the Sales & Receivables Setup page. Sales personnel use the Cust. InvoiceDiscounts page to define invoicediscounts for customers. They set up invoicediscounts based on a minimum invoice amount, a discount percentage, and, optionally, a currency code. Service charges can also be defined on the Cust. Invoice Discounts page.

The Invoice Disc. Code on the Invoicing FastTab of the customer card and the Code field on the Cust. Invoice Discounts page provide the link between customers and invoicediscounts. When a new customer is created, the program uses the customer number as a default value for the Invoice Disc. Code because, typically, invoicediscounts are granted to individual customers. However, you can assign the same Invoice Disc. Code to multiple customers to create invoicediscount groups. Customers who belong to the same group receive the same invoice discount terms.

Notice that the invoicediscounts shown are for group A. Customers in group A receive an invoicediscount of five percent, based on one minimum invoice amount in the local currency and another minimum invoice amount in a specified foreign currency. You can also use the Cust. Invoice Discounts page to specify a service charge amount that the customer must pay on a purchase when the total amount is less than a specified minimum amount.

Invoice Discount Functionality

After the invoicediscount code and the associated terms are set up, you can calculate the invoicediscount when you invoice a specific customer. Depending on the specifications in Sales & Receivables Setup, this calculation can be manually started or performed automatically.

To manually start the calculation, use the Calculate Invoice Discount function on the Actions tab of a sales order and, or invoice. The calculated amount of the invoicediscount can be verified in the Sales Order Statistics page.

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