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Lesson 7: Estimating Purchase Order Receipts

Estimating Purchase Order Receipts

Estimating Purchase Order Receipts : Purchase order receipt dates are automatically calculated based on a combination of the date fields, parameters, and the formulas described in the “Purchase Order Promising Definitions and Calculations” and “Date Calculation Setup for Purchase Orders” lessons in this training material.

The demonstrations in this lesson show the date calculation functionality. In these examples, the current day is January 23, 2014. The Order Date field is set to the current work date of January 23, 2014. Based on the lead time of two days, the Planned Receipt Date field is calculated as January 25, 2014. Based on the inbound warehouse handling time set up for the BLUE warehouse, plus the safety lead time set up for item 70011, the program adds one day to the planned receipt date and calculates the Expected Receipt Date field as January 26, 2014.

Alicia expects the items to be available for picking in the BLUE warehouse on January 26, 2014. The program sets the Planned Receipt Date field equal to the requested receipt date, because it assumes, for the moment, that the vendor will meet the request. The program then subtracts the lead time for this item (set up for one week if it is purchased from vendor 30000) to calculate the Order Date field as January 29, 2014.

To have the 30 units of item 70010 delivered to the BLUE warehouse by February 05, 2014, Alicia knows that she must place the order by January 29, 2014.

The program calculates the Expected Receipt Date field by adding inbound warehouse handling time (plus safety lead time) to the planned receipt date. This results in a date of February 06, 2014. This tells Alicia that if the items arrive at the BLUE warehouse on February 05, 2014, as requested, they will be available for picking on February 06, 2014.

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