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Lesson 3: Date Calculation Setup for Sales Orders

Date Calculation Setup for Sales Orders

Date Calculation Setup for Sales Orders : To support date calculations for sales order promising, a company must set up the following:

  • Outbound warehouse handling time: This is the time that is required to pick, pack, and label the items in an order before shipping. The program uses this time value to calculate the difference between the shipment date (the date when items are available for shipment) and the planned shipment date.
  • Shipping time: This setup can include definitions of the types of services the company’s shipping agent can offer and the corresponding shipping times.
  • Availability test interval: This is the maximum period for which the program makes the availability calculation.

To support CTP functionality, a company must also specify time and worksheet parameters in the Order Promising Setup page.

The Check-Avail. Period Calc. field contains 90D and the Check-Avail. Time Bucket field contains Week.  The check availability period reflects an agreement between a company and its customers. This indicates the maximum time that customers are willing to wait before their order requests are met. The check available time bucket specifies how frequently the system checks supply and demand events to discover if the item on the demand line is available on its planned shipment date.

Order Promising Setup

Order Promising Setup controls certain aspects of CTP behavior. To access the setup page, enter “order promising setup” in the Search box, and then select the related link.

The Order Promising Template and Order Promising Worksheet fields specify the requisition worksheet template and the worksheet that CTP functionality uses to create its replenishment proposals.

The Offset (Time) field specifies the period from the current date that the program must wait before issuing a new purchase, production, assembly, or transfer order (a type of administrative lead time).For more information about how to set up parameters in the Order Promising Setup page, refer to the “How to: Set Up Order Promising” topic in the online Help

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