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Lesson 6: Customer Prepayments

Customer Prepayments

Customer Prepayments : Many companies insist that some customers pay a part of the total price of their order that is specified as an amount or a percentage, before the order is shipped.

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the functionality that is required to manage these requests and payments is known as Customer Prepayments. This lesson focuses on the prepayment functionality that is directly used by order processors. For detailed information on prepayments, and on prepayment setup, refer to the Finance Essentials in Microsoft Dynamics NAV course.

Prepayment Process Flows

To process prepayment sales orders, follow these steps.

  1. Create a sales order that has a prepayment requirement.
  2. Send a prepayment invoice for the prepayment amount to the customer.
  3. Receive the prepayment amount from the customer.
  4. Apply the prepayment amount to the sales order.
  5. Ship the order to the customer.
  6. Create a sales invoice for the total amount of the sales order minus the prepayment amount, and send the invoice to the customer.
  7. Receive payment from the customer and post the payment to the sales order.

Sales Order Prepayment Fields

The fields that are relevant to the sales process are found on each sales line and on the Prepayment FastTab of the sales order. The Prepayment % field on the Prepayment FastTab of the sales order automatically populates if there is a default prepayment percent on the customer card. The contents of this field and the other fields on this FastTab can be edited as it is needed. For information about the other fields on the Prepayment FastTab, refer to the Finance Essentials in Microsoft Dynamics NAV course.

The prepayment percent from the customer card only applies to lines that do not have a default prepayment percent set up for the customer-item combination.

The Prepmt. Line Amount Excl. VAT field contains the prepayment amount for the sales line. The Prepmt. Amt. Inv. Excl. VAT field displays the prepayment amount that is already invoiced to the customer for this sales line.

Although there can be different prepayment percentages for each order line, a single prepayment percent can be applied to the whole order. You can do this after you complete all the order lines by setting the percentage in the Prepayment % field on the Prepayment FastTab.


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