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Lesson 1: Analysis Views and Reports

Analysis Views and Reports

Analysis Views and Reports : Companies can use analysis reports to create customized reports that are based on posted transactions such as sales, purchases, transfers, and inventory adjustments. Inventory analysis reports can also use production order data to report on work in progress (WIP).

In a customizable report, the source data (derived from the item ledger and associated value entries), can be combined, compared, and presented in meaningful, user-defined ways, similar to a PivotTable report in Microsoft Excel.

An analysis report includes lines and columns. The lines contain the objects that you want to analyze (such as customers, vendors, and so on). The columns contain the analysis parameters that define how you want to view the objects (such as profit calculations, periodic comparisons of sales amounts and volumes, actual versus budget, and so on).

Before you create new reports, you must set up templates for the lines and columns. The reports are then defined as a combination of line and column templates.

To create, view, or change sales analysis reports, enter “sales analysis reports” in the Search box, and then select the related link. This opens the Analysis Report Sale page. This page includes a list of sales analysis reports, the analysis line template and the analysis column template attached to each report.

You can view purchase analysis reports and inventory analysis reports in a similar manner. There is no difference in the functionality between the sales analysis reports and the purchase or inventory analysis reports. Therefore, this lesson will focus only on sales analysis reports.

Line Templates

The lines in a report contain the objects to analyze. To set up sales line templates, enter “sales analysis line templates” in the Search box, and then select the related link. This opens the Analysis Line Template – Sales page.

To create an analysis line template, enter a name and description. Line templates describe a set of analysis lines that can be of the following type:

  • Customers and customer groups
  • Items and item groups
  • Salespeople/purchasers
  • Formulas
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