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Tableau Desktop Certified Professional

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Tableau Desktop Certified Professional

Tableau Desktop Certified Professional certification exam is for them those who have the advanced knowledge and the skills in Tableau Desktop and the capability to apply visual analytics methodologies to support people to see and understand information. We endorse a year of dedicated and the practical experience using Tableau Desktop prior to attempting this exam.

Everyone learns differently and everyday use of Tableau varies. Recommendations for the learning resources, practice activities and the experience with the product are guidelines, not needs. To be eligible to purchase this exam, you must be an active Tableau Desktop Certified Associate or an active Desktop Certified Professional.

Once you’ve earned a Tableau Desktop Certified Professional title, you are not needed to renew the Desktop Certified Associate title when it reaches expiration. Should you not purchase and pass the Desktop Certified Professional exam before the Desktop Certified Associate title expires, you will be needed to earn this title again before your next attempt to complete the Desktop Certified Professional exam.

This course is highly recommended for Students, Working Professionals, Business Analysts, Consultants, Businessmen, Teachers, Lecturers, Professors, and Data science enthusiasts. The course is best for individuals who are in the field of Business Analytics or is eager to join the same



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