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RapidMiner & DataScience: Foundations

Locus IT ServicesRapidMiner & DataScience: Foundations
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RapidMiner & DataScience: Foundations

This Syllabus is of two days, focusing on data mining and predictive analytics with RapidMiner Studio. Over the course, students will explore a simplified business use case and build a strong analytical model. Meanwhile becoming familiar with the graphical interface and the main product features and functionality.

Moreover, the course is structured in a mentoring fashion where the entire group performs tasks alongside the instructor. As members of a data science team. After successfully completing this, participants will have a solid understanding of how RapidMiner Studio functions. Firstly, Candidates will be able to prepare data, create and validate it. Predictive models, will be ready to extend their knowledge to advanced topics such as advanced RapidMiner Server and Data Science. Deployment and Web Apps.

During the course, Practical exercises prepare students to take the knowledge gained. Apply it to their own respective data mining problems, solving them quickly and easily. Since the class labs is hands-on and performs on the participants personal laptops, students will take actual classwork home with them, which will provide a jumpstart to data mining in the real world.

Course Objectives

After the training, students will have the ability to:
• Perform all common data preparations.
• Build strong analytical predictive models.
• Evaluate model quality with respect to different performance criteria.
• Deploy analytical predictive models.


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