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Power BI Developer Bootcamp is an intensive 4-day instructor-led training course with hands-on labs designed to get professional software developers up to speed on developing custom software solutions for Power BI. This course assumes that students already have experience with Power BI Desktop and the Power BI Service and are looking for ways to move beyond what’s possible with just Power BI Desktop alone.

The course examines essential developer extensibility points in the Power BI platform for importing data, creating visualizations and integrating reports and dashboards into custom applications. Students will learn to program in M and to develop custom data connectors with reusable query logic that can be shared across Power BI Desktop projects. The course teaches students how to develop custom visuals using Typescript, Node.JS and Visual Studio Code. Students will also learn how to program using the Power BI Service API to automate common task such as uploading PBIX files and patching datasource credentials.

The course provides in-depth coverage of Power BI embedding features and teaches students how to embed reports and dashboards when developing custom applications. Students will learn to build real-time dashboard solutions using streaming datasets and push datasets. The course concludes by teaching students how to leverage the support in Power BI for the R data analytics platform by writing R scripts for Power BI Desktop and by developing R custom visuals.


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