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Oracle BI 12c: Build Repositories Ed 1 TOD

Locus IT ServicesOracle BI 12c: Build Repositories Ed 1 TOD
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This Oracle BI 12c: Build Repositories training is designed for OBI implementation team members who want to define and build dimensional models for business intelligence processing. Learn how to build the Oracle Business Intelligence repository and perform the administrative tasks.

This Oracle BI 12c training tells you how to build and verify the 3 layers of the Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) repository. Expert Oracle University instructors will start by showing you how to use the Oracle BI Administration Tool to construct a simple repository.

Learn To:

  • Construct a repository.
  • Import the schemas.
  • Design and build logical business models.
  • Expose business models to the users in the OBI user interface.
  • Build the physical and logical joins, simple measures, and the calculation measures.
  • Validate the work by creating and running analyses.
  • Verify query results using a query log.
  • Implement Oracle Business Intelligence Server security.
  • Manage the Oracle Business Intelligence Server cache.
  • Set up a multi-user development environment.



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