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OpenText Exstream

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3) Candidates’ hands on

  • Developing a layout from scratch
  • Events XMLIN and StreamIN
  • Processes PageOut, MailOut, StoryTeller, StreamOut (CSV/PDF/Email/).
  • Resource set
  • Platform configuration
  • Identify the different supported Input and output connectors
  • Runtime configuration
  • Scripting and desired XPATH expressions
  • Export and deploy projects
  • Use control center to run Exstream applications based on designs
  • created in design and production
  • Connection to the management gateway
  • Deploy, start, stop
  • Logging configuration
  • Uploading a license file
  • Internals of control center and design center.
  • How does it process input data and use repeaters in design center.
  • Debugging
  • Managing log files
  • Packing and unpacking of project
  • Major inbuilt function and scripting to add dynamics to template
  • Scripting and desired XPATH expressions
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