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Nusphere PhpED Tools Course

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Call PHP function on the fly and inspect the results

Using Immediate tab of PhpED debugger you can call any php function on the fly in the middle of the execution of your PHP script. Simply type in the function call in the window and press Enter. The functionality of Immediate tab is illustrated here:
You can PhpED automatically switch to debug mode when there are PHP errors or exceptions occuer in the code. To set this behavior and other settings for PHP Debugger or Profiler use Tools->Settings->Run and Debug
The Evaluate/Modify window displays a non blocking dialog that can be used to evaluate an expression, which is too complex for the simple tool tip hint provided by the debugger and when the use of Watch is unnecessary. If the cursor is placed over a variable in the script, the variable under the cursor will be evaluated automatically and displayed in the dialog. The dialog is not modal so you can continue debugging session w/o closing this dialog.

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