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Nusphere PhpED Course

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Remote and Local debugging of PHP CLI scripts

Debugging is also available for Command Line Interface PHP scripts. To set up Remote Debugging of CLI script you need to select Remote Server as a Run Target in project properties and specify Terminal account to login to the remote server as well as Php executable to be used for CLI run

This is of course not neccassary for local debugging of PHP CLI scripts. To run or debug PHP scripts select CLI (Console) from Run menu (HTTP is for regular Web Server scripts debugging)

In this tutorial you learned about the many features of the PHP Debugger and how to use them to quickly find and eliminate bugs from your PHP scripts. You can watch a live demonstration of using the PHP debugger and advanced remote PHP debugging from our video tutorial library. Additional technical information is available on the NuSphere Forum. Download a free trial of our PHP Debugger today!

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