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How to debug a PHP script

There are many techniques used for PHP debugging, varying from desperate PHP code inspection to angry keyboard slamming. A less extreme and more useful approach would be to use print statements and logging embedded in your PHP code, printing out variable values throughout various stages of the program execution.

This approach works well in general, however suffers from several drawbacks, for example:

  • It requires significant additional coding effort, which ironically can introduce even more bugs into your php script
  • Debugging of PHP with print statements is a highly repetitive process – it’s impossible for a developer to lock onto a problematic region of code while printing everything and everywhere
  • Introduction of so many print statements and conditional can affect the performance of your PHP application.

PhpED’s PHP Debugger provides a powerful and easy way to simplify PHP debugging because it gives you complete visibility and control over the execution of PHP scripts and doesn’t require that you make any changes to your PHP code. With PhpED’s PHP Debugger you can:

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