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Nusphere PhpED Course

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Debugging and Profiling

  • Commercial versions of PHP DBG Debugger – the most powerful debugger currently available provides unmatched debugging productivity and safety in both local and remote debugging modes. Learn more
  • PhpED advanced php profiler shows executing time for each line, function or module of the code with tenth millisecond’s precision. You can locate all the bottlenecks quickly and efficiently. Profiler saves all the timings among multiple sessions so your can compare them and evaluate the improvements. Learn more
  • PHP SQL Profiler in PhpED – In addition to general PHP profiler that allows you to analyze the code performance in order to find bottlenecks in the code, PhpED also provides PHP SQL profiler to trace SQL queries made in PHP code. Learn more
  • Triggering debugger on errors or exceptions. Learn more
  • Remote and local debuggin setup with easy to follow wizard
  • Evaluate/Modify – in addition to on-the-fly tool tips you can evaluate an expression too complex for tool tip
  • Parallel Debugging – The ability to run multiple debugging sessions in parallel is a must have for applications making Ajax, REST, SOAP or other Web Services calls to the other PHP scripts possibly running on another Web servers. With this unique feature you can debug script making a call, then continue debugging in the called script and switch back and forth at any point between all scripts captured by the debugger.
  • SSH Tunnels can be setup directly in PHP IDE and used for remote debugging
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