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Nusphere PhpED Course

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Advanced Editor

  • Full support for PHP versions from 4.3 to 8.0 in IDE and the Editor – from functions and local variables to namespaces and aliases
  • Dynamic Syntax Highlighting
    The editor will automatically switch the syntax highlighting dependant on the position in the file. The strength of PHP is in ability to embed it in the other documents, like HTML. However, sometimes the document becomes too crowded with the lines of code from multiple languages. Auto-switch feature will let you focus on the code and the language that you are currently working on. It will only highlight those parts of the document, which are written in the same language as the current position of the cursor and deem the rest of the text. The editor will switch between php, html, smarty, css and javascript, depending on the type of the file.
  • Multiple Language Syntax Highlighting
    Code sensitive syntax color highlighter gives you the ability to have separate highlighting for different languages in the same file. Highlighting for each language is of course fully configurable in PhpED’s settings.
  • Auto Highlight variable
    System highlights all occurrences of a variable in the Editor, when PHP variable is selected. Also highlighted are open/close HTML tags
  • Code Folding
    Selectively hide and display sections of a currently-edited file. PHP IDE displays the collapsible regions of the code with folding marks. Works for PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other.
  • Support for all HTML standards – 3.2, 4.0, xhtml, 5.0
  • Fast search
    Modal non-blocking search in background, starts from the top after full cycle. Fast Search shortcut
  • Fast File Open
    Open a file in seconds even in multi-thousand files project using PHP IDE’s Fast File Open feature
  • Diff viewer
    Shows side by side difference between the file in the editor and local and remote copies
  • Worksets
    Make multiple snapshots of your current Editor context and switch to and from them at any time. Learn more about PHP IDE Worksets
  • More editor features
    Bookmarks and comments tab, transparent highling and more of PHP Editor Tools
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