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Lesson 2: Seminar Management Department Page

Seminar Management Department Page

Seminar Management Department Page  : Provide a Role Center for users to work with a new application area as a way to increase user productivity. However, the Role Center alone is not the only task that is available to improve the user experience with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 client for Windows.

Many users do not belong to the seminar manager role, and use different Role Centers than the Seminar Manager Role Center. For example, accountants generally use the general ledger functionality, and accounts payable employees usually access the purchases and payables application area. However, these users may require occasional access to seminar-related information that their role centers do not provide.

To give all users access to the SeminarManagement application area, you must define the SeminarManagement department page. By providing this page, you make sure that every user can access the Seminar Management functionality in Departments, and that all objects that are related to Seminar Management can be accessed by using the Search field.

Solution Design

Similar to Role Center functionality, CRONUS International Ltd. functional requirements do not explicitly mention departments. However, the following nonfunctional requirement applies: The solution must be consistent, user-friendly, and easy to learn and to use. Any custom-built functionality must follow the standards, principles, and best practices of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, and must seamlessly integrate into the standard application.

If you do not provide a department page for SeminarManagement, your solution does not meet the goals of this requirement. Therefore, you must develop a new MenuSuite object that contains the menu definition for the SeminarManagement department page.


Your goal is to develop the Seminar Management department page that integrates in the Departments page in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. To do this, you must develop the new SeminarManagement menu in a new company-level MenuSuite. The “Seminar Management Department Page” image shows the SeminarManagement Department page in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 client for Windows.


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