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Lesson 4: Invoice Posting Batch Job

Invoice Posting Batch Job

When a seminar concludes, customers are invoiced for their registered participants. These invoices are implemented as Batch Jobs. Batch jobs should allow for multiple participants and can include project and resource information.

The process to create invoices is implemented as a ProcessingOnly Report. Use this type of report object  to process and modify data without rendering any report for display.This ProcessingOnly Report creates an invoice for each customer in a filter that is specified by the user. The report has lines for each participant in a registered seminar that falls within the filter set by the user. The user should also have the option of either creating the invoices, or creating and posting them at the same time.

This type of report is known in Microsoft Dynamics NAV as a batch job. A batch job in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a routine that processes data in batches, such as the Adjust Exchange Rates Batch Job, or Batch Posting Sales Orders, Invoices, and Credit Memos.

If you set up numerous orders, invoices, or credit memos, you can post them with a batch job. You can post them at night or at another convenient time. Batch posting invoices and credit memos functions exactly like orders.

Solution Design

Use the Seminar Ledger Entries to access all charges to invoice for posted seminars. The report creates Sales Headers and Sales Lines as appropriate. If the user selected the option to also post the invoices, the report runs the posting process for sales invoices.

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