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Lesson 3: Instructors and Rooms

Instructors and Rooms

The next step is to create tables to manage the instructors who teach the seminars, and tables for the seminar rooms in which the seminars are held. Your goal is to design the solution that meets the requirements, but also takes advantage of any standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality.

Solution Design

The CRONUS International Ltd. requirements for the management of instructors explain that each seminar is taught by an instructor, who is either a CRONUS International Ltd. employee or a subcontractor. For subcontractors, the subcontracting rate must be tracked.

The requirements for the management of seminar rooms explain that each seminar is held in a seminar room. Some seminars are held in-house, and some are held off-site. If a seminar occurs in-house, a room must be assigned. For offsite rooms, the rental rate must be tracked. For all room types, the solution must track the maximum number of participants that the room can accommodate.

Another CRONUS International Ltd. requirement applies to both instructors and rooms. The solution must be aware of and provide the tools to manage and plan for the availability and the capacity of both rooms and instructors.

The instructor and room entities are obviously very similar and have many common requirements. Both share the following characteristics:

  • They require the same level of information to describe them.
  • They can be internal or external.
  • If they are external, they require tracking of additional costs.
  • They require a level of availability and capacity management.

The only difference between instructors and rooms is that rooms have to keep track of the maximum number of participants.

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, there is a resource management application area which closely resembles this functionality.  It keeps track of people and equipment (machines), manages their capacity and availability, and keeps track of their costs or prices.

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