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Lesson 2: Email Confirmation

Email Confirmation

Email Confirmation : CRONUS International Ltd. wants to automate its communication with their customers as much as they can. To meet this requirement, you must design and develop a solution that sends email confirmations to all seminar  : participants.

Solution Design

The Functional Requirements Document for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 implementation at CRONUS International Ltd. states the following:

  • When a seminar is confirmed, seminar managers must be able to send an automatic email confirmation to all registered seminar participants.
  • Seminar managers must be able to easily customize the template for the seminar confirmation notification email. The template must allow for the following: Ability to enter free text o Placeholders for recipient name-Seminar name -Seminar starting date

Sending Email from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

For the first requirement, you must provide a capability to send email messages from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. Following are several capabilities that help you develop this functionality and meet this requirement:

  • Microsoft Outlook automation library
  • Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) automation library
  • Dynamics.Nav.SMTP .NET assembly that is provided with Microsoft Dynamics NAV  
  • Codeunit 397, Mail
  • Codeunit 400, SMTP Mail

Generally, when you select the optimal solution from a range of options, you should always opt for the simplest choice that meets the customer’s requirements. It should provide as many of the following criteria as possible:

  • Ease of development and maintenance
  • Maximum forward compatibility
  • Least amount of dependencies on outside applications
  • No unnecessary dependencies on third-party products
  • No redundancies with existing capabilities
  • Fewest changes to customer infrastructure

When you compare these choices with the list of available technologies, you should discard automation, because it does not provide maximum forward compatibility. It runs on the client that requires the customer to install and maintain a compatible version of the automation server on each client computer.

Do not use the Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.SMTP .NET assembly directly. It is not the simplest solution to develop and maintain, and it may not be sufficiently forward compatible. It also creates redundancy with the existing functionality of Mail and SMTP Mail codeunits.

The Mail and SMTP Mail codeunits already provide email capabilities. Therefore, you should select one of these two options instead of developing a completely custom email sending capability. The Mail codeunit depends on Outlook. Therefore, it may require configuration and maintenance on all client computers.

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