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Microsoft Dynamics NAV – C/SIDE Solution Development

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV – C/SIDE Solution Development : This training leads individuals through a simulated implementation project, where their goal is customize Microsoft Dynamics NAV to meet customer’s requirement. It explains standard application concepts and provides insight into most important processes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, including documents and journals posting, dimension management, feature integration, role tailoring, and automating unit testing.

However, most companies have very specific needs that are not covered by the Microsoft Dynamics NAV standard application. The gaps between the functionality that Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides and a company’s needs can be as small as a simple change to an existing process, or as large as development of a whole new application area.

All application functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is developed in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment and in C/AL programming language. Application functionality is contained in the objects that are stored in the database. As a developer, you can change any standard object or change the code. This lets you develop rich and powerful customizations, but also makes it easy to introduce bugs or cause the existing application to stop functioning as expected.

To develop solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you must understand how the standard application works. You must become familiar with the basic principles that are consistently applied throughout Microsoft Dynamics NAV and across all its application areas.



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