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Lesson 3: Online Licensing Model

Online Licensing Model

Online Licensing Model : Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online uses a subscription licensing model. Each internal user (as defined in the On-Premises Licensing topic) requires a User Subscription License (USL).

The USL grants users non-perpetual rights (with no buy-out rights) to the use of Microsoft Dynamics Online. USLs are assigned on a “named-user” basis, meaning that each user requires a separate USL. USLs cannot be shared.

External users do not need a USL unless they use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM client applications.

Server licenses are not relevant to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

User Subscription License Levels

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online offers three levels of USLs:

  • Essential
  • Basic
  • Professional

The levels correspond to the Client Access License types described in the OnPremises Licensing topic.

Subscription Add-Ons

A subscription includes one production instance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and 5 gigabytes storage. Depending on the number of USLs purchased, additional non-production instances and storage are provided without charge.

Additional production instances, non-production instances, and storage are available for purchase regardless of the number of USLs purchased for a monthly charge.

SQL Server Configurations

A number of Microsoft SQL Server configurations are possible depending on your expected usage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be installed on a computer that is running Microsoft SQL Server or on a separate computer.
  • Microsoft SQL Server can be installed on multiple computers in a cluster configuration.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services can be installed on the same Microsoft SQL Server computer that has the Microsoft Dynamics CRM databases or on a separate report server that is running Microsoft SQL Server.

Multiple Microsoft Dynamics CRM front-end servers with network load balancing can be configured to use an instance of Microsoft SQL Server.

Internet Information Services

Microsoft Dynamics CRM requires a website using Internet Information Services (IIS) as the web server platform. You cannot use other web server systems with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Internet Information Services (IIS) is installed as part of the Windows operating system. IIS version 7.0 (included in Windows Server 2008) or later is required.

If IIS is not installed and it is required for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM server role, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Setup will install it.

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