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Lesson 2: Cross-Site Publishing

Cross-Site Publishing

Cross-Site Publishing : This lesson describes the basic concept behind cross-site publishing and how to verify it in an e-commerce setting.

Lesson Objectives

The objective is to describe the concepts behind cross-site publishing.

Cross-Site Publishing

The Cross-Site Collection Publishing feature in SharePoint Server 2013 works in the following way: you use the authoring site collection (product catalog site) to author and store content, and one or more publishing site collections to control the design of the site and to show the content. The functionality provided by this feature is called cross-site publishing. Site collections are available as part of the Retail online starter store.

The authoring site collection, known as the Product Catalog Site, contains a list of product data and all libraries and lists are shared as catalogs.

The product catalog content web application uses Active Directory (AD) to authenticate content authors. The catalogs are indexed by the search system and made available to the publishing site collection (publishing portal).

The publishing site collection (publishing portal) issues queries for data that has been indexed and shows it on web pages by using Web Parts that use search technology (for more information, please refer to the next section).The publishing portal web application uses AD authentication for designers and forms-based authentication for web users. This web application is configured to allow anonymous access for web users. You brand content on the publishing site.

Validate the Connection Between the Publishing Portal and Authoring Site

To validate that the Ecommerce Publishing Portal is connected to the Product catalog/ Authoring site (done automatically when the starter store is deployed), go to SharePoint Central Administration, and then click Application Management> View all site collections. You should see all the site collections that are created under each web application.

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