Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 for Retail-Development & Customization

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 for Retail-Development and Customization

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Lesson 2: Deployment


Deployment : This topic covers different ways of deploying the customization. This topic will cover following ways user can deploy the customization:

  1. How to: Map a network drive to the SharePoint 2013 Master Page Gallery to add/edit Master Pages and Page Layouts
  2. How to: use SharePoint solution package for customization deployment
  3. How to: Deploy a Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail online store customization on a single server

Lesson Objectives

Understand different techniques for SharePoint customization deployment and AX Retail store customization deployment.

How to: Map a Network Drive to the SharePoint 2013 Master Page Gallery to Add/Edit Master Pages and Page Layouts

This topic helps you understand how to map a network drive to the Master Page Gallery so that you can use Design Manager to upload design files in SharePoint Server 2013. Design files could be a master page or a page layout.

You can create a visual design for your website by using any web design tool or HTML editor, and then use Design Manager to import the design into SharePoint. To do this, you have to make sure that the design tool stores its files in your site’s Master Page Gallery, which is where SharePoint expects to find the files. We recommend that you map a network drive to the Master Page Gallery to make it easier to save files in the correct location. First, find the location of the Master Page Gallery.

How to: Use SharePoint Solution Package for Customization Deployment

This article describes solution packages and the role they play in deploying authored and developed customizations in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. This articles covers:

  • What is a solution package?
  • Deploying site elements by using solution packages

What is a Solution Package?

A solution package is a distribution package that delivers your custom SharePoint Server 2013 development work to the Web servers or the application servers in your server farm. Use solutions to package and deploy custom Features, site definitions, templates, layout pages, master pages, Web Parts, cascading style sheets, and assemblies.

A solution package is a CAB file with a .wsp file name extension and a manifest file. It is recommended that you use Visual Studio 2012 Tools for SharePoint 2013 to develop and package SharePoint solutions. You can also create solution packages manually by using a tool such as Makecab.exe.

Components that can be packaged in a solution include:

  • .NET Framework assemblies, typically Web part assemblies and event receiver assemblies.
  • Deployment files such as resource files, pages, master pages, or other helper files.
  • Features, which allow you to activate and deactivate code in a Web site and provide functionality that include elements such as custom lists, libraries, fields, and content types.
  • New templates and site definitions.
  • Configurations that must be performed at the Web-server level — for example, deploying customizations to the Web.config files for the registration of Web Parts. You can also modify these configurations with a Feature that is distributed with a Feature.
  • Web content such as Web pages and images that are called by Web pages. If you must deploy Web content in a disconnected environment, you should use a content deployment package.
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