Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Development-3 Locus IT Services

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Development-3

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Lesson 2 : Visual Studio Projects

Visual Studio Projects

There are various types of Visual Studio projects that can be used to interact with

Microsoft Dynamics AX. The use of the Application Explorer within this it provides a strong Microsoft Dynamics AX developer experience, with many familiar concepts.

Similar to development projects in Microsoft Dynamics AX, projects in Visual

Studio allow a developer to create a subset of elements, including those from the AOT, to work with. All AOT elements added to a project in have knowledge of their metadata in the Microsoft Dynamics AX AOT.

Types of Projects

There are three types of Visual Studio projects that can be used to develop customizations for Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  • Report modeling projects
  • Enterprise Portal Web application projects
  • Managed code projects

The Report modeling and Enterprise Portal Web application project types have their own templates provided under the Microsoft Dynamics AX template group. These topics are more thoroughly covered in the “Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012”  and “MorphX and Enterprise Portal Development in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012” courses.

Visual Studio Integration

Microsoft Dynamics AX development can be done in either X++ or in .NET managed code. Each type of development has its own environment, MorphX and Visual Studio respectively. Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics AX (Visual Studio Tools) provides a set of tools and functionality that support development in managed code as shown in the following diagram. Visual Studio Tools contains tools and functionality from both the MorphX and Visual Studio development environments.

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