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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Development-3

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Lesson 3 : Create a Workflow Type

Creating a Workflow Type

To add and creating a workflow type support for a document in Microsoft Dynamics AX, you must create a workflow type. This section describes the procedures to create a workflow type in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The workflow type can then be used to create workflow configurations for the document the Microsoft Dynamics AX.

You create workflow types to define:

  • The workflow document to assign the workflow to.
  • A category that defines the module that the workflow type is available in.
  • Tasks, automated tasks, and approvals supported for the workflow.
  • The workflow started, completed, configuration data change, and canceled event handlers.
  • A SubmitToWorkflowMenuItem.

In This Section you will also learn about,

  • Workflow Type Checklist
  • How to: Create a Workflow Category
  • How to: Create a Query for a Workflow Type
  • How to: Create a New Workflow Type
  • How to: Create a Workflow Document Class
  • How to: Create a SubmitToWorkflow Class
  • How to: Associate a Workflow Document Class with a Workflow Type

A workflow type defines the business document being acted upon, the supported AOT elements, and event handlers and menu items for the workflow.  Workflows are created based on a type, and many workflows can be based on the same type.

Demonstration: Creating a Workflow Type

Perform the following steps to create a workflow type and bind it to the workflow category created in the previous demonstration.

  1. Open the AOT.
  2. Expand the Workflow
  3. Rightclick on the Workflow Types node and select Add-ins > Workflow type wizard.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Enter SalesCreditLimitAppr in the name.
  6. Enter SalesCategory in the Category.
  7. Enter SalesCreditLimitApproval in the query.
  8. Enter SalesTable in the Document menu item.


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