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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Development-3

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Lesson 4 : Args Object

Args Object

The Args Object class defines information communicated between running application objects. The application object that initiates the communication (the caller),  initializes an Args object containing some information and then passes it to the application object that is being called.

It includes the following information:

Method Data Type Information
record Common A handle to the record that the caller is currently using. This information is typically used to access the values of the caller’s record.
parmEnumType Int The Id of the enum type that is specified on the parmEnum.
parmEnum AnyType An enumerated value.
parmObject Object A handle to an object that the caller wants to transfer to the called object. This option can be used to transfer any object.
parm Str A string which can be used to transfer miscellaneous information. It is best practice not to use this method. Try to build the communication on the other parm methods available.

Args is your companion in the world of X++ especially when passing parameters in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Args is an abbreviation for arguments. It allows you to pass information from one object to another newly created object. I utilize it frequently to pass the objects, records, strings, etc that I need to have in scope while accessing the object from another object.


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