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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Development-3

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Lesson 6 : Additional Controls

This section of the documentation describes the types of controls you can add to a Microsoft Dynamics AX form. A control is an object that displays data, performs actions, or guides the user. The following sections provide information about each type of control.

In This Section

  • Using Controls in a Form Design
  • Form Controls
  • .NET Controls
  • ActiveX Controls
  • Applying Country Specific Functionality
  • How to: Set a Form Control to be Country Specific

Some form controls require that you specify a data source. The data source supplies the values that appear in the control. You can add controls to a form by dragging a field or field group onto the Design node of the form. The data source property of the control is populated with name of the table for that field or field group.

To show data on a form, you add controls to the form. To add a control, you use one of the following techniques while integration:

  • You drag a field or a field group from the data source of the form to the Design node of the form.
  • You right-click the Design node of the form and add a control from the list of available controls.
  • You copy an existing control from one form to another form or to another location in the same form.

The procedure you use to add form control depends on whether you want to add a bound control, an unbound control, or a calculated control. For more information about the different kinds of controls, see Bound Controls, Unbound Controls, and Calculated Controls.

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