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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Development-2

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Lesson 5 – Built-in Functions

Built-in Functions:

This topic lists every X++ built-in function by category.

Descriptions of Categories

The following table lists only the categories of X++ functions. Each category is described. These categories help people to understand the many functions, but the categories do not represent any formal construct in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Category Description
Business Functions that input financial data and calculate formulas.
Compiler Verified

(also named Intrinsic)

Functions that have their input value verified by the compiler. If the input value is not found to match any existing object in the Application Object Tree (AOT), the compiler issues an error.

The inputs to these functions must be literals, because the compiler cannot determine the value that a variable contains at run time.

Container Functions that operate on the container data type of X++.
Convert Functions that translate data of one type into data of another type.
Date Functions that operate on the date data type.
Enum Functions that operate on enum objects.
Math Functions that perform mathematical calculations.
Miscellaneous Functions that do not belong to any specific category.
Reflection Functions that access the metadata about objects and return other metadata about them.
Session Functions that change or report on the context of the current user connection.
String Functions that operate on the str data type.
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