Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Development-1

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Development-1

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Lesson 1 : Introduction and Objectives

Introduction and Objectives to User interface in Microsoft Dynamics AX:

Introduction to User Interfaces:

Introduction and Objectives to User interface in Microsoft Dynamics AX course discusses how to develop the user interface without having to write any code.

Forms are created so that the end-user can enter and view data. To make navigation easier for the end-user, menus and menu items will be created.

Objectives of User Interfaces:

The objectives are:

  • Design and build Forms in Microsoft Dynamics®
  • Join two data sources on a form.
  • Create customized menus and menu items.
  • Create a form using form templates.
  • Know the components of a list page.
  • Create a new FactBox.

The user interface consists of features and commands that a user can use to interact with the software, especially to enter and view data and personalize forms.

New functionality

The user interface for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is cleaner and more consistent, and can easily be adapted to specific tasks and forms. You can view important information on one central list page. Related information is displayed on FastTabs and in FactBoxes, even if the related information is not displayed in the current form. Additionally, you can more easily sort and personalize the data that is displayed.


Item Description
Required Yes
Feature areas affected All
Stakeholders Business decision makers

Technical decision makers

Independent software vendors (ISVs) /developers


AX 2012 User interface Functionality:

  • The Action Pane now has action buttons that the user can use to create and modify data without leaving the list page.
  • Information about the selected record is displayed both in FactBoxes and in the preview pane.
  • All messages that are related to the list page, such as error, warning, and system status messages, are displayed in a dedicated area.
  • Data is updated automatically.
  • Users do not have to open another form to view any related information that is not displayed on the current list page.


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