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Magento Performance and System Optimization

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Magento Performance and  System Optimization, For system administrators who want to ensure optimal site performance in single and multi-server environments.

Duration: 12 hours, Six 2-hour sessions

Target audience

This course is designed for UNIX administrators with basic LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) knowledge, to clarify who are responsible for maintaining infrastructure, performance, scalability, and system monitoring for servers on which Magento runs.



Certainly, students must have knowledge of Linux basic commands and administration principles. Students should also have basic knowledge of the LAMP stack. MySQL knowledge is helpful, but not required.


Course Overview 

This course  Magento Performance and System Optimization introduces Magento performance tuning and best practices for configuring Magento in single- and multi-server environments, MySQL tuning, and PHP performance. moreover students will also have the opportunity to explore open-source tools for benchmarking their Magento installation and for fine-tuning the database server.


Learning Objectives

This course is designed to improve your knowledge of Magento-specific performance tuning of the UNIX systems used to host Magento. Learning objectives include:

  • Firstly, Establish backup procedure for Magento
  • Propose optimal software & hardware
  • Install & tune PHP accelerator
  • Benchmark req/sec
  • Balance loads
  • Isolate performance bottlenecks
  • Adjust Magento caches
  • Adjust MySQL settings
  • Devise database server monitoring plan
  • Devise a plan for further system performance optimization


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