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Ideal Magento Design Insights

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Ideal Magento Design Insights provides insights for Creating and maintaining the designs.

Duration: 6 hours, Two 3-hour sessions

Win the competition with a feature-rich website utilizing your creativity and Magento

Target audience

Web designers, Front-end Developers



This course assumes the student has taken the “Managing Your Magento Store” course and/or has equivalent knowledge of basic Magento concepts, such as the Admin panel and how to navigate around it. Moreover Ideal Magento design insights functionality such as Catalog, CMS, and Multi-site. The participant should have a general understanding of how catalogs, products, customers, and promotions relate to one another, along with a high level of familiarity with CSS style sheets including how to customize them and the ability to work with HTML code.


Course Overview

This course is designed to enable the full-service web designer to better understand the features available to create a customized Magento store theme for a Magento Enterprise Edition or Magento Community Edition website.


Learning Objectives

  • Identify how to access included themes.
  • Identify which elements a skin controls, which elements a theme controls, and CSS file affects which elements.
  • Describe special considerations for Magento Enterprise Edition.
  • Above all, Explain how to change the theme in Magento.
  • Describe design considerations when planning content that will be shared for use with mobile.
  • Describe the overall file structure (as it relates to the components of interest to a web designer).


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