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Magento Checkout is a proper guidance for Magento checkout process.

Duration:  6-Part Series for the Advanced Magento Developer

Target audience 

Senior Magento developers with at least 1 year of full-time experience developing Magento extensions.


These courses assume that the student has taken further the “Fundamentals of Magento Development” course or has equivalent knowledge of basic Magento architectural concepts, as well as more advanced Magento functionality such as:

  • Catalog – Understanding different product types, and having a general understanding of how a, product’s final price is calculated.
  • Indexing – Understanding its role in price calculation.
  • Customer operations – Understanding basic customer functionality.

The student should also have:

  • Above all high level of familiarity developing in a LAMP stack environment.
  • The ability to work in a Linux-based system.
  • Moreover a good understanding of the basic concepts of configuring an Apache web server and the configuration of PHP required for Magento.
  • A general understanding of Magento database structure, including the ability to write, optimize, and debug MySQL queries and design appropriate database schemas for required tasks.

Please refer to the specific course description for any additional prerequisites.


Course Overview

This series of courses provides an in-depth understanding of the architecture of Checkout in Magento, as well as hands-on practice in creating customized Checkout functionality according to Magento best practices.

After this series of courses, you should be able to:

  • Trace the flow of data during checkout operations.
  • Determine when customization is necessary.
  • Design customizations more quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduce the total time you spend creating and debugging Magento customizations.

Each course is in the lecture-lab format, with extensive hands-on exercises on Magento EE.


Courses in the Series:
  •  I: Shopping Cart and Price Calculations
  • II: One-Page Checkout, On-Demand Format
  • III: Shipping
  • IV: Payment
  • V: Order Placement
  • VI: Taxes and Discounts


Methods and Materials

Meanwhile this course is comprised of lecture and lab. Each student receives a Student Guide, which includes a complete copy of the course presentation, exercise handouts, exercise solutions, and access to Magento Enterprise Edition source code during the course. Students use their own laptops for course exercises and labs.


Course Notes

In addition to in-class exercises, additional time outside of class will be required to complete homework assignments.

Part I is the prerequisite to all subsequent Checkout courses. We recommend taking the other courses in sequential order. Part II is a short on-demand course that is a required prerequisite to Parts III, IV and V.



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