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6. E-Commerce App – Part 1

  • Preparing the Project
  • Installing the Additional NPM Packages
  • Preparing the RESTful Web Service
  • Preparing the HTML File
  • Understanding the MVC Pattern
  • Understanding RESTful Services
  • Common Design Pitfalls
  • Putting the Logic in the Wrong Place
  • Adopting the Data Store Data Format
  • Planning Architecture (SRP / Separation of concerns )
  • Starting the RESTful Web Service
  • Preparing the Angular Project Features
  • Updating the Root Component
  • Updating the Root Module
  • Inspecting the Bootstrap File
  • Starting the Data Model
  • Creating the Model Classes
  • Creating the Data Source with Observables
  • Creating the Model Repository
  • Creating the Feature Module
  • Starting the Store
  • Creating the Store Component and Template
  • Creating the Store Feature Module
  • Updating the Root Component and Root Module
  • Adding Store Features the Product Details
  • Displaying the Product Details
  • Adding Category Selection
  • Adding Product Pagination
  • Creating a Custom Directive
  • Understandind SRP & OCP etc (single responsibility principle & Open & Closed Principle )
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