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Java Programming for Experts

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3. CSS-3

– What is css?
– What is the use of css?
– Types of css
– How to call css inside html pages

– How to set background properties
– Attributes for background

– What is box-model in css
– How to work with box-model

– What is selector?
– Types of selector
– How to apply selector

– What is combinators?
– Types of combinators
– How it is related to selectors

6.Pseudo-class & Pseudo-elements:
– What is pseudo-class?
– What is pseudo-elements
– Types of pseudo-class
– Types of pseudo-elements
– How to apply

7.Transition,Transform & Animation in css :

– Applications of Transition,Transform & Animation
– Use of Transition,Transform & Animation
– Basic Project based on Transition,Transform & Animation.


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