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Java Programming for Experts

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– Structure of html
– What is tags?
– Types of tags
– Attributes
– All tags attributes
– How to apply all the attributes in web-pages

2.Table :
– How to create table in Html
–  Attributes of table
– Example

3.List :

– How to create list
– Attributes of list
– Example

– Attributes of audio/video tag
– How to create audio page
– How to create video page

5.I-frame : 
– What is nested web-page?
– How to create nested web-pages
– Attributes of nested web-pages

6.SVG :
– How to define graphics in html
– Attributes of SVG

7.Form :
– What is form
– How to create forms using html
– How to create log-in page
– How to create registration page using form
– Attributes of form

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